The video games developer EA DICE is all set to tweak the performance of one of the most popular First Person Shooters of the year - Battlefield 3. Gamers can now look forward to a massive patch that should arrive on Tuesday.

The patch will fix several bugs in the game and also balance a number of in-game weapons. It will also add a colorblind mode and most of the content for the Back to Karkland expansion pack, which is also set to be available online on the same day.

However, due to the size of the expansion, the patch, which is approximately 2GB, will remain the same, even for those who do not wish to acquire the Downloadable Content. Meanwhile, the developers have admitted that the situation with the new DLC is not ideal and vowed to make it optional for future releases.

Unfortunately, the extra maps will not be available to PC users until Dec. 13, according to a gamespy report.

Here is a list of key fixes and tweaks:

List of Bugfixes:

Fixes a problem where a player joining at the end of a round finds his character stuck while spawning and is unable to do anything with it until the next round is loaded.

Fixes a problem where TV-guided missiles may be shot into its own helicopter.

Adds alternate Heads-Up Display colors to help people who may be color blind.

Fixes a problem with smoke for land vehicles. In addition, missiles should now miss more often.

Repairs the part where the user was unable to revive two players, when they are lying on top of another.

Fixes a problem which saw the player experience green flashes on screen.

List of Balance Tweaks:

Fixes several weapons so that they are properly suppressed and hides the player on the mini-map when fired.

Tweaks Tactical Light so it is not blinding over longer ranges.

Tweaks the IRNV scope so it is limited to close range use.

Reduces damage done to Armored Vehicles and Infantry from AA guns.

Increases the damage RPGs and tank shells inflict on AA vehicles.

Slightly increases the power of fighter jet cannons against all vehicle targets, especially helicopters.

A List of Five New Trophies Available in 'Back to Karkland':

Complete Warrior (Silver)
Get a kill with the following weapons in a single life: Rifle, Jet, Tank

Third Tour (Bronze)
Get a kill with the new APC, Desert Buggy and STOVL fighter jet

Gunslinger (Bronze)
Get 10 kills with all B2K weapons

Like a Boss! (Silver)
Get a kill with the skid loader

Jaws (Bronze)
Take a swim in the pool at the Oman hotel

'Strike at Karkland' Gameplay:

BF3 Battlelog: