In a highly divided vote, the House Foreign Affairs Committee on Thursday voted 23 to 22 to recommend that the United States recognize the killing of Armenians in 1915 in Ottoman Turkey as genocide.

It has not yet been determined if the resolution will go to a full vote by the U.S. Congress. Resolutions are declarative but do not carry the force of law.

We do not believe that the full Congress will or should vote on that resolution and we have made that clear to all the parties involved, said Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in comments from Costa Rica where she is on a diplomatic trip today, according to Bloomberg.

I don't pretend to be a professional historian, said Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Howard Berman, D-California in a released statement. But the vast majority of experts ... agree that the tragic massacres of the Armenians constitute genocide.

It is now time for Turkey to accept the reality of the Armenian Genocide, Berman said, adding that doing so would be a difficult and painful process for Turkey's people but which would strengthen Turkish democracy and put the U.S.-Turkey relationship on a better footing.