Hilary Duff has always been open about her relationship with son Luca, sharing sweet mom-and-son moments to millions of Instagram followers.  The latest post shows the two in one of the cutest scenes so far, with Hilary teaching her son how to wink.

The 27-year-old singer took to Instagram on Sunday, reported E!News, to share a cute video of her son attempting to flash a wink to the camera while enjoying a watermelon.  The “Sparks” crooner encouraged her son to do a wink, and finally tells Luca, "You're doing it!"  And though the three year old’s squint looked more like a pirate covering his eye with a patch, Luca didn’t seem to mind, shouting, "Argh, matey!"  Duff captioned the funny video, "Hahaha my little pirate weirdo."

The former Disney star co-parents Luca with hockey player and ex-husband Mike Comrie. Duff told E! two weeks ago, "He is amazing... Just everyday I'm so entertained by the way that his brain is working and the questions he comes up with and who he's becoming.  I'm so lucky to have him and to have this experience."

An article published at PerezHilton.com in April describes how the singer maintains a healthy lifestyle as a mom.  Duff said she accepts the fact that she’s “not ever going to be 110 pounds again.”  The blond crooner also said, “Working with what you got and just trying to feel strong and powerful I think is a good motto for a mom who's 27."

Meanwhile, Duff recently released her fifth studio album titled “Breathe In. Breathe Out.” She told USA Today that she has “stuff to say” on her new album.  “I just started writing again and I hadn't been writing in years,” said Duff. “I guess I felt like I had stuff to say… I'm very personal on the record. All I can do is write about things I know and feel, or sing about them.”

Hilary Duff also stars in the TV Land series “Younger,” playing the best friend of a colleague who is masquerading as a woman half her age.  The show has been renewed for a second season.