Forget Hillary for 2012, vice president or otherwise. U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Vice President Joe Biden have shot down buzz that the former presidential candidate will be the No. 2 choice on the Democratic Party's presidential ticket.

The scenario seems to have been born out of several factors: Clinton is now one of the most popular figures in America, a recent poll showing that there's some buyer's remorse since the 2008 Democratic primary, and a president facing a tough re-election campaign.

Clinton Dismisses Chatter

But Clinton on Thursday dismissed the chatter, telling NBC's Today Show that joining President Barack Obama's 2012 campaign as vice president is outside the realm of possibility.

It's maybe a subject for speculation on Google, but it's not a serious issue in the administration, Clinton told Today host Savannah Guthrie, adding that she thinks Biden has done an amazingly good job.

Biden: I'm On The 2012 Ticket

Biden, too, this week, appeared on Today to reiterate his intention to stay on the ticket, calling speculation that he'll be dropped parlor game talk.

There's never been a question about that. The president's made that clear, Biden said Wednesday. Hardly anybody's raised it anymore.

As if more signs were needed to discount the speculation, Obama has sent Biden to Michigan this week to push his jobs bill.