Hispanic voters favor Hillary Rodham Clinton by huge margins, according to a recent poll. Clinton got the support of 73 percent of registered Democratic Hispanic voters while no other candidate managed to get to double digits.  

A bipartisan Univision poll revealed Thursday that Clinton won Latinos 64 percent against 27 percent for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush. The survey was conducted by Republican consultants the Tarrance Group and Democratic consultants Bendixen & Amandi.

Politico reported that Clinton had a double-digit lead among the ethnic group over Bush in the swing states of Nevada, Colorado and North Carolina. Clinton got 67 percent while Bush got 25 percent in Nevada. She got 67 percent against Bush’s 21 percent in Colorado and 53 percent against Bush’s 39 percent in North Carolina.  But Clinton’s lead is much narrower in Florida, where she got 49 percent against Bush’s 44 percent.

The poll reveals Hispanic voters’ views about President Barack Obama as well. Nearly two-thirds, 64 percent, have a very or somewhat favorable view of him. In addition, 59 percent said they were satisfied with Obama’s performance in the last six years. “These favorable percentages suggest that the aspiring Democrat who wins the presidential nomination will not have to hide Obama as he or she campaigns among the nation’s Hispanics,” the website says.  

A significant 74 percent of Hispanic voters strongly or somewhat favor corporations ending their business relationships with Donald Trump, while 79 percent say that Trump’s comments are offensive.

The voters were asked which Democratic candidate they would support if the presidential primary or caucus in their state were held today. Clinton got 73 percent votes while her nearest opponent was “Don’t know/No answer” with 10 percent.