Hillary Clinton's historic presidential nomination has been undercut by constant criticism from Donald Trump and the continued campaign of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders. Comedian Seth Meyers provided some perspective Wednesday. 

On NBC's "Late Night with Seth Meyers" Wednesday, Meyers broke down the historical significance of Clinton's achievement. With her win in the California Democratic primary Tuesday, as well as in three other states, Clinton clinched a lead in the pledged delegate count and the popular vote to become the party's presumptive nominee. 

"A woman has never before been the presidential nominee of a major party in this country. Regardless of who you support or how you feel about Hillary Clinton, it is a remarkable feat and a breakthrough for women and girls everywhere," Meyers said.

The comedian pointed out that Clinton overcame many challenges to become the nominee. "Hillary's achievement was historic, especially when you consider just how much casual sexism she, or any woman in public life, faces on a daily basis," Meyers added.

Meyers played a montage of pundits criticizing the tone of Clinton's voice and accusing her of being abrasive, as well as a clip of Donald Trump, the presumptive GOP nominee, claiming he has done more for women than Clinton as a result of "breaking the glass ceiling" in the construction industry. 

"Only Donald Trump could look at the glass ceiling and go, 'Let me get that for you, honey,'" Meyers joked. 

Meyers later pivoted to Sanders, pointing out that his campaign has also had a big impact on American politics. The host played a clip of Obama altering his position on social security as a result of the popularity of Sanders' platform. Meyers highlighted how, despite the stigma of the "socialist" label, the Vermont senator has successfully tapped the support of a younger generation of Democrats who have grown more liberal. 

"Bernie accomplished something most people thought was impossible when he started," Meyers said, while taking one more shot at Trump. "When it comes to candidates who did better than you expected, Bernie Sanders finishes a distant second."