George Hincapie, longtime teammate and friend of Lance Armstrong, reacted to stunning allegations by CBS's 60 Minutes that Hincapie told federal investigators that Lance Armstrong, the seven-time Tour de France champion, used steroids. 

I have no idea where they got their information, Hincapie responded, I can confirm to you I never spoke with '60 Minutes'.

Hincapie continued, As for the substance of anything in the '60 Minutes' story, I cannot comment on anything relating to the ongoing investigation.

In addition, Hincapie expressed his disappointed regarding media coverage on Armstrong and cycling in general, As I've said in the past, I continue to be disappointed that people are talking about the past in cycling instead of the future.

60 minutes posted an article on their website Friday saying, At least three of Lance Armstrong's former teammates - including one of his closest, George Hincapie - have told federal authorities they used banned substances and saw Armstrong use them as well.

One of those teammates was Tyler Hamilton, the former Olympic Champion who told 60 Minutes correspondent Scott Pelley, I saw (EPO) in his refrigerator. I saw him inject it more than one time, like we all did, like I did many, many times.

Responding to Hamilton, Armstrong's representative Mark Fabiani said, Hamilton just duped the CBS Evening News, 60 Minutes and Scott Pelley all in one fell swoop...Lance Armstrong is the most tested athlete in the history of sports. He has passed nearly 500 tests over 20 years of competition.