The “Hitman” franchise has successfully incorporated the right amount of stealth and action into its missions for the past 12 years, and “Hitman Absolution” keeps that element alive in its forthcoming installment.

“Hitman Absolution” follows the infamous Agent 47 in a mission to infiltrate a mansion housing the agent’s former boss, Diana. Agent 47 has learned that she has kidnapped a young girl named Victoria and is hiding her inside the sprawling estate. Playing as Agent 47, it’s up to you to assassinate Diana and retrieve the young girl.

This may sound like a basic mission, but Diana is an old friend of Agent 47, making this assignment all the more complicated. However, as all assassins must do, Agent 47 puts his emotions aside and continues to pursue his target.

The gameplay demo begins on the outskirts of the mansion, and your mission is to subtly take out each guard before sneaking into the building. Players get their typical lineup of gadgets, such as the fiber wire for stealthy attacks, the AMT Hardballer, and other various items found along the way.

Players can choose to kill the guards any way they please, and numerous dumping locations are found throughout the map.

 It’s also worth noting that “Hitman Absolution” has five difficulty settings, ranging from easiest to most difficult. This allows players of any skill level to participate, and also adds more replay value to the game.

After clearing the first course, which features many tables, structures, and walls for players to take cover while completing their assassinations, the next step is to infiltrate the greenhouse.

Before proceeding into a new section, players can utilize a new feature known as Instinct Mode to get a preview of what to come. Similar to the Detective Mode found in “Batman: Arkham City,” this makes enemies, weapons and disguises appear in a greenish outline before you enter a space.

Another new gameplay feature introduced in “Hitman: Absolution” is Point Shooting, which allows you to freeze the screen and place targets on multiple enemies at once. When the freeze is lifted, Agent 47 will be able to fire multiple rounds at once, clearing the room instantly. This comes in handy as you approach your target, who is under tight watch from multiple guards.

When all the guards in the greenhouse have been disposed of, it’s time to sneak into the mansion to acquire your target. Players must be stealthier than ever in this section, as only certain disguises allow you to enter designated areas of the house. The best way to ensure you’ll slip past the security is to silently assassinate the chef in the kitchen and grab his garments.

Once this is done, you’ll be able to walk freely about the first floor. To complete the mission, you must obtain a keycard from the head of security to access Victoria. This means that you must take out the security boss, but if you attempt to shoot him the rest of the guards will notice.

If you get too close to a guard, your cover is blown, so sneaking will not work either. To subdue the security chief long enough to grab the key card, you must grab the sleeping pills from the upstairs bathroom and place them in his coffee when he is not looking.

Once the key is obtained, players are able to access the section of the mansion that houses the target. Players are in for a plot twist at the end of this first mission, which fans will experience upon playing the game.

“Hitman: Absolution” certainly brings an improved gameplay experience to the series that fans have grown to know and love. With more features, a deeper story, and a fresh outlook on Agent 47, “Hitman: Absolution” is sure to please both seasoned players and newcomers.

“Hitman: Absolution” will be released on Nov. 20. See the trailer below.