“Hitman GO,” a mobile game that took many people by surprise for its quality, continues to get recognition as Sony announced that the hit game would be coming to the PS4 and PS Vita in 2016. No specific release date has been named, though fans can expect the game to get polished up for its big re-release next year.

Those unfamiliar with “Hitman GO” should know that this isn’t a typical game in the “Hitman” series. Rather than giving players an open-level to snipe and stealth through “Hitman GO” mixes elements of tabletop gaming with stealth, making for a unique experience that requires players to be extremely tactical. The approach worked, as many claimed “Hitman GO” was a stellar mobile game.

One thing fans will appreciate is that all of the game’s microtransactions will be removed when it reaches the two Sony platforms, which was confirmed by Siliconera. The game will also add trophies for players to collect, which should be an additional challenge for hardcore gamers.

The game’s 91 levels will be updated and optimized for the current-gen console and the handheld. It will be interesting to see if new additions are made to make said levels harder or easier, which could lure back those that played the mobile version of the classic.

After the initial success of “Hitman GO,” Io Interactive struck gold again with “Lara Croft GO,” according to Digital Trends. Like “Hitman GO,” this game takes the tabletop gaming elements and mixes them up with mechanics that “Tomb Raider” fans are familiar with.

While “Hitman GO” was more focused on stealth and assassinations “Lara Croft GO” centered on tomb raiding, with some inventive puzzles to solve as well. The result worked, as many mobile gamers flocked to the game and praised how the developers managed to make the title feel like a “Tomb Raider” spinoff.

It’s likely that “Hitman GO” was ported to the Sony platforms to get gamers pumped for the upcoming episodic “Hitman” game from Square Enix. The game is a more traditional “Hitman” title with an open world to explore, disguises to wear and targets to assassinate in a variety of ways.

Hitman GO - Launch Trailer (Credit: YouTube/HITMAN)