ESPN sideline reporter Holly Rowe has seen herself become a hot topic after getting caught shoving another reporter out of the way in order to interview Michigan coach Brady Hoke.

At the end of Michigan's controversial 23-20 Sugar Bowl victory over Virginia Tech, Rowe is seen sending a forearm shiver to another female reporter in hopes of securing the first interview with the triumphant Hoke. After hitting the woman with a forearm, she then aptly uses a basketball box-out move to get the first interview, while the other woman looks on with disgust.

Rowe, who tweeted out before the game that someone stole her phone, claims that the shove was unintentional.

Totally unintentional, Rowe tweeted at Micah Grimes, a social media producer for, Didn't realize it even happened, post game can be free for all.

Was the push completely unintentional like the ESPN reporter suggested? Watch the video for yourself.