Countess Vaughn is looking thinner and thinner these days. The former child actress and star of TV One's "Hollywood Divas" has been flaunting a much smaller physique after undergoing liposuction last year.

Vaughn is so open about her weight loss journey that she allowed TV One's cameras to film the procedure and her recovery. Now, the 37-year-old actress is opening up about how she's been able to maintain her weight loss.

"It's a lot of hard work," Vaughn tells International Business Times, adding that she's now down to a size 8 or 9 from an 18. "People think lipo isn't hard [but] it is in recovery."

The former "Moesha" star said it took an entire year for her body to fully heal from the procedure.

"Each surgery is different. My first surgery after my son, I saw the results a lot quicker," Vaughn explained. "But due to the thyroid situation, this time it was a little delayed."

The actress said she decided to undergo liposuction because she wanted a "mommy makeover," but admitted she tried to slim down on her own before turning to "some surge." 

"I don't see anything wrong with it," Vaughn told IBT. "There's nothing wrong with a mommy makeover to make you feel good about yourself."

The actress also opened up about receiving negative comments from viewers who watched Season 2 of "Hollywood Divas," and lashed out at her claiming the surgery didn't work. Vaughn explained that last season focused mainly on her recovery process and her body was still swollen from the procedure.

"At the time it was really hurtful because I was really sick," Vaughn said. During her time on the show she was also dealing with issues with her thyroid.

Countess Countess Vaughn, pictured in 2007, recently dropped more than three sizes with the help of weight loss surgery. Photo: Getty Images

"Basically, they were unaccepting of the look I had at that particular time. They were used to a certain look, and I absolutely couldn’t help it," she added. "That’s why it was very hurtful, but I understand people who watch the show all the time feel like they know me.”

Despite the nasty comments, Vaughn clearly isn't shy about showing off her new body. The mom of two often posts Instagram photos updating her fans on her journey. She also said she pays attention to when fans leave her positive messages because she uses that feedback to help her stay on track.

“I just want to be a role model for plus women and let them know that you’re beautiful also and that there’s not one type of beauty," Vaughn told IBT. "There [are] all different sorts of flavors, shapes and sizes and you can enjoy all of them.” 

Some of the ways Vaughn has been staying in shape is by eliminating breads and soda from her diet. The actress also said she's a fan of the waist trainer and tries to stay active.

"I got lipo to start everything off, and I knew to keep it going I needed to change," Vaughn said, adding that she has an "excellent support system" to help keep her on track.

Now that Vaughn is on her way to a healthier lifestyle, the actress said she would be interested in joining "Dancing With the Stars."

"A long time ago I was really afraid," Vaughn said, revealing that the show approached her in the past about competing. "But now, I would be open to the idea. That's on my bucket list."

Besides appearing on “Hollywood Divas,” which wrapped its second season in September, Vaughn is also hard at work on her t-shirt line Count-tees. The actress said her line, which has men and women’s shirts, includes some of her favorite “Hollywood Divas” sayings like “Don’t Be Mad” and “She Ain’t That.” Vaughn is also prepping for the release of her wig line, due out next year.