The investigation into the death of CIA chief Sandy Bachman took a surprising turn on Sunday night’s new installment of “Homeland.” Here are the top 5 moments from episode 4, “Iron In The Fire”:

Aayan came to Carrie for help

After Aayan Ibrahim (Suraj Sharma) visited his girlfriend's home only to find that her father had destroyed his medical supplies and informed his college that he had been dealing drugs, he paid a visit to Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes) in episode 4. Following Carrie's promise to enroll him into a medical school in London, the drone strike survivor requested her assistance in fleeing the country and also asked for a large sum of cash.

While Carrie originally refused his request for money after he would not reveal his true reason for needing it, she informed him that he was in danger. Carrie said that Aayan's mysterious visitor in episode 1 was a man named Farhad Ghazi. 

“Is this the man that threatened you? Because if it is, you’re in a lot more trouble than I thought … He’s nobody you want in your life under any circumstances,” Carrie said. 

Despite originally refusing to give Aayan the cash, she eventually paid him and told him to return to her secondary office in Islamabad as soon as possible in order to secure safe passage out of Pakistan. Soon after his departure, Carrie ordered her team member Farra Sherazi (Nazanin Boniadi) to follow him in order to uncover his need for the money. 

Fara made a discovery

Fara followed Aayan only to find him trading the money for a new batch of medical supplies. After several hours of tailing the “Iron in the Fire,” Fara made a shocking discovery— Aayan’s uncle and episode 1 confirmed drone strike target, terrorist Haissam Haqqani, was still alive.

“They embraced and them Haqquani drove off in an SUV,” Fara said.

“We may have a game changer here,” Carrie said. 

Carrie and Peter Quinn (Rupert Friend) surmised that the Taliban lied about Haqqani’s passing in order to stop them from hunting him.

“That’s when we stop tracking terrorists, when we think they’re dead,” Carrie said.

The team said that they believed ISI killed Sandy in an effort to protect the knowledge of Haqquani’s survival. 

“He was killed in order to protect Haqquani who either survived the airstrike or wasn’t there in the first place … They played us from the very beginning,” Carrie said. 

Saul interrogated Aasar Khan

After previously begging Saul Berenson (Mandy Patinkin) to leave Pakistan, Carrie rescinded her request in episode 4, instead asking the former CIA director to assist her in finding the truth about Sandy’s death. While Saul originally seemed hesitant to call in a favor to Pakistan General "Bunny" Latiff, he did meet with Pakistani intelligence official Aasar Khan (Raza Jaffrey) on behalf of Carrie. 

During their meeting, Saul accused Aasar of having a hand in Sandy’s death. While Aasar claimed Sandy was killed by locals due his participation in the deadly drone strike, Saul said that an ISI operative's presence at the scene of his death made him a suspect. 

“Why was Sandy Bachman murdered? … Was it you? Did you give the order?” Saul asked Aasar. 

After Saul’s accusation, Aasar called their discussion an interrogation and fled the scene.

Sandy’s source was (possibly) revealed

A new face made an appearance in Sunday night's episode. The nameless female confronted Professor Boyd, the husband of U.S. embassy ambassador Martha Boyd (Laila Robbins), during a lecture at Aayan’s medical ollege and accused him of leaking intel from his wife’s files to Sandy during his heyday. 

Despite Boyd's best efforts to flea Pakistan after his first meeting with the mysterious individual, the woman later surprised him at his office and threatened to expose his acts of treason.

Here is my promise to you. Once you’ve done all I’ve asked you can leave Islamabad without any further obligations, a free man. Neither the FBI, nor your wife will ever know,” the woman tells Boyd before handing him a key. “This is how we begin,” she said.

Carrie seduced Aayan

In an effort to get closer to Haqquani, Carrie had Fara bring Aayan to a safe house under the guise that she would provide him with a new passport and Visa in the coming days. While living at the secret abode, Aayan opened up to Carrie about his expulsion from medical school. 

“I know it doesn’t feel that like that right now, but it’s all going to work out. The worst is over,” Carrie told Aayan.

Carrie said she wouldn’t allow the drug dealing allegations to keep him out of medical school in London. 

“Trust me. I’ll make them understand,” Carrie said while placing her hand on his knee. “Try not to worry so much. “

Carrie soon after kissed Aayan. Despite Ayan’s obvious confusion over the seduction, he eventually reciprocated. 

"Homeland" airs Sundays at 9 p.m. EDT on Showtime.