“Homeland” fans were devastated last season when one of the show’s major characters, Nicholas Brody, the object of Carrie’s suspicion in the first two seasons, was publicly executed after capture in Iran. Some fans were so shocked that popular fan theories hypothesize his return in Season 4, suggesting Brody either did not actually die or would return in a more supernatural sense, such as a ghost haunting Carrie or reappearing in her dreams. Now fans may be disappointed to hear that Brody will have no mention in the Season 4 premiere of the Showtime show, set to air Oct. 5.

TV Guide is reporting that it might be a while before the character’s potential return, saying, “Although we expect the ghost of Brody to haunt the new season at some point, his name isn't even mentioned in the first episode.”

Fans will remember that in Season 3 Carrie and Brody successfully assassinated Danesh Akbari, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard leader, but after the CIA gave up their location in an effort to better the standing of a CIA asset in the Revolutionary Guard, Carrie had to watch helplessly as Brody was publicly hanged. Carrie returned to America carrying Brody’s child with a promise from Lockhart that she could take over as station chief in Turkey in the future.

While Brody may be absent from Season 4, the new episodes will not be lacking in excitement. A new promo for Season 4 shows Carrie dealing with the fallout from a botched drone strike, returning to Afghanistan to get answers, and even working with Saul again. Season 4 of “Homeland” returns with the premiere episode airing Oct. 5.

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