Australian Adelle Hartley said she is homeless, but she Will Code 4 Latte, as the sign she holds up on the streets or Sydney declares.

Hartley, who said she is an unemployed IT worker, carries a mobile phone; she said a man yelled at her for using it; she also said she has a laptop and her own website and Facebook page.

I'd rather be connected than have a place to stay, Hartley, 39, told Australia's

Hartley defended her decision to have a cell phone despite being homeless.

It's not that expensive to have a mobile these days. I've held onto it because people who know me sometimes get in touch with work, she said.

Hartley said she studied mathematics and computer science in Tasmania, which led to employment in Sydney, where she's been for the last 10 years, according to

Her last contract ended about six months ago, leaving her homeless, she said.

Hartley said she can survive on $20 a day, according to That sum pays for Internet access for her laptop at an Internet café along with food, she said.

Sometimes, Hartley's Will Code 4 Latte sign, in which she also advertises herself as a Homeless C#/SQL Developer, leads strangers to offer her other things besides cash, including WiFi access and actual coding work, she said.

A guy recently let me use his vacant office and WiFi till the end of his lease so I was able to work from there, she told Generally people are nice, and every so often I get approached by someone with some freelance work.