The personal information of more than 283,000 customers at Honda Canada has been breached, the company confirmed on Friday.

Honda Canada said the stolen data included names, addresses, vehicle identification numbers and in some cases financing account numbers.

It said the data was not the type that would typically be used for identity theft or fraud, such as birth dates, telephone numbers, email addresses, credit card numbers, bank account numbers, driver's license numbers, social insurance numbers, or dollar amounts of financing or payments.

The company said the information was collected in 2009 as part of a series of customer mail programs encouraging Honda and Acura owners to register at the myHonda and myAcura websites. It added that the unauthorized access was recent.

The Toronto Star reported Honda first noticed suspicious activity on the e-commerce websites in late February and that it said in a letter to affected customers dated May 13 that it was tipped off by unusual volume on the sites, including some unauthorized attempts to access account information.

Honda would not confirm the additional details the newspaper gave in its report.

The company said it is notifying all the affected customers by mail. It said it does not recommend taking any specific action at this time, other than being alert for marketing campaigns from third parties that reference Honda vehicle ownership.

Honda said it has had a toll-free line -- 1-800-839-2826 -- open since May 16 for customers who would like further information.

(Reporting by John McCrank)