A Honda recall was announced Thursday. This article will let you know if your car is one of those affected under the recall. 

Honda said Thursday that it will recall almost 53,000 Acura TL sedans in the U.S. in order to fix an issue with the vehicles' power steering mechanisms. Honda said that the problem has not caused any know injuries, crashes or fires, but it is still taking the major precautionary step of recalling the vehicles.

Over time, the power steering hose may deteriorate and develop a fluid leak, Honda said in a statement. Leaking power steering fluid could lead to loss of power steering assistance or, if it leaks onto a catalytic converter it may result in smoke, or in the worst case, fire.

So is you car one of those being recalled? Honda says the recall will only affect Acura TL sedans with model years 2007-2008.

Apparently if you have any other Honda or Acura vehicle you should be fine and will not be impacted by the recall.

This website will let you know whether or not your specific vehicle is eligible for any recall, including the one the company announced Thursday. Just type your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and it will bring the information up automatically.

Visit Honda's website for more information about how to have the power steering issue addressed as per the terms of the recall.