Planking, a game between friends to have fun that involves simply lying down with face and feet straight down and arm by side, is viral on the Internet.

Planking, also known as “face downs”, “extreme lying down” or “planking dead,” began in early 1994. At that time, it's wasn't popular at all. However, its popularity expanded to every continent around the world.

The most important aspect of the game is that the more bizarre location you choose, the more popular “Planker” you become.

It naturally ignited many player's interest rapidly. No matter how old or young or how poor or rich they are, nearly everyone became interested in Planking and wanted to get involved in this crazy movement.

However, Planking isn't a simple game as it can be dangerous too. Nonetheless it hasn't stopped the Plankers from planning to make it official by celebrating every May 25 as the annual Planking Day.

Planking has become so popular that it has inspired people to developed other versions, including Owling, Leisure Diving and Horsemaning.

Believed to have originated in Australia, 'Owling' is the act of sitting in a perched position while looking off into the distance imitating the pose of an owl.

This trend is increasing among the Facebook users, who pose at unusual locations and post their photos on the Facebook.

Another –ing- verb is Leisure diving, which was invented by John Lewis, a New Yorker.

In Leisure Diving, the requirements are costume, prop and multiple photographers. The central figure poses in a leisure manner, and with the help of friends is lifted into the air and his/her photo is captured while in mid-air, in mid-dive. Leisure Diving is very difficult because you have only one chance to dive and get a good picture during the mid-dive.

“We just spent the rest of the day and weekend doing it,” Lewis said. “Every picture, whether it was really good or really bad was just totally hilarious” he added.

Lewis set up the website for leisure diving and he has received a million hits.

However, the popularity of Planking, Owling, Leisure Diving could soon be surpassed by a new trend called Horsemaning, which has gone viral in the cyber world.

Horsemaning involves minimum two people, sometimes three. One of them is required to show his/her body, but hide his/her head. The partner is required to do just the opposite, hiding his/her body and showing his/her head a few feet away.

Through their cooperation, they create the illusion that a person has lost his/her head nearby, mimicking Washington Irving’s Headless Horseman, but without a horse.

The play obviously reminds us of death and dying, but actually there is no requirement for anyone to risk his/her life.

Unlike Planking, whose popularity is determined by the outrageous and risky locations chosen by the plankers, Horsemaning is a safer game and can be played in any place, including public, private, mundane or exceptional places.

Horsemaning has another feature - it promotes unity and cooperation between 2-3 people, because the pose requires them be physically together to pull it off.

Which of the four trends do you think is most popular: Planking, Owling, Leisure Diving or Horsemaning? Star the slideshow to find out.