Credit: kevinbudelmann(Flickr)

Some elective surgery has been forced to be cancelled in Sir Charles Hospital in Perth because of staff shortages.

The hospital has a shortage of anaesthetic technicians - skilled staff who prepare equipment and drugs for anaesthesia.

According to a spokeswoman for the hospital, some elective procedures booked by the Oral Health Centre have been postponed, along with some minor hospital procedures.

About six patients will be affected everyday.

However, the hospital says that emergency patients will not be affected and all general surgery will go ahead as normal.

A source at Sir Charles Gairdner says the hospital is having significant problems retaining technicians because they are paid at a lower rate than their counterparts at other major institutions.

He says staffs feel undervalued and are opting to go elsewhere.

He says the shortage is causing significant problems at the hospital and some specialists are seeing their surgery lists continually cancelled.

The hospital says it is working to fill the vacant positions.