This year, Halloween falls on a Monday, on October 31, and there are barely nine days left to pick and design the best costume for the much-awaited night.

Halloween costumes are fun to wear; the idea of dressing up in bizarre costumes and becoming somebody else for one night makes it exciting.

Singer Nicki Minaj is known to flaunt bizarre costumes and assorted dressing styles, even as a matter of course, when attending awards functions and red carpet events.

The rapper has always gone the other way and dressed mostly in out-of-the-ordinary outfits. Nonetheless, her “wacky” and “weird” wigs and costumes are the best options and are highly emulated for Halloween parties.

Whether it is her Barbie animal hood, with neon pom-poms, her studded tutu ensemble, the pink bling necklace or prink, green and blonde wigs, everything about her speaks of a one-of-a-kind style.

Here is a collection of outfits from the singer’s wardrobe that can help you find the best design or costume for this Halloween.

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