The hottest Lingerie Football League Super Bowl 2012 Photos and videos are all right here. 

The Lingerie Football League's annual Super Bowl--dubbed the Lingerie Bowl--is a chance for scantily-clad women to run, pass and tackle their way to football glory.

Though it is often derided as degrading toward women, the Lingerie Bowl remains a popular event, and this year's was no letdown, as the Los Angeles Temptation crushed the Philadelphia Passion by a score of 28-6.

The Lingerie Football League is unique among women's sports leagues not only because of the (lack of) uniforms the women wear, which consist of little more than a bra, bikini bottom, shoulderpads, helmet, tall socks and cleats.

It is also unique because of the amount of contact that the women engage in. Unlike women's lacrosse, which is almost contact-free in comparison to the heavy-slamming men's game, the Lingerie Football League is full contact, meaning the rules allow as much blocking, tackling and slamming as you'll find in the National Football League. The LFL even has its own fantasy league.

These factors combine with the high level of competition to create an exciting experience that draws large crowds (of mostly men) to watch Lingerie Football League games across the nation each year. You can also watch all of the biggest games at home on MTV2.

We've compiled a slideshow of the hottest Lingerie Football League Super Bowl 2012 photos for you to enjoy.

And you can watch a video of the Lingerie Football League in action below: