A new video for the Netflix TV series “House of Cards” shows writer and executive producer Beau Willimon and director James Foley talking about what it was like to film scenes for Season 3. Meanwhile, actor Michael Kelly talked about what it was like to face the possibility that his character was dead on the show.

In the Sony Pictures video, Willimon is seen paying compliments to Foley. The director is said to have helmed more episodes of the TV series than any other director. The video then shows the director filming a scene where one of the characters goes shopping at a supermarket.

Foley, in turn, hailed the executive producer for listening to input from the directors about the scripts -- and how some ideas may not work during production. With each new director coming in with their own unique look at filming an episode, Willimon is said to be the one “constant” who keeps the whole show together.

Willimon said that he and Foley had spent so much time together that they now have verbal "shorthand" for communicating with each other. The executive producer described the cast and crew members of “House of Cards” as a “family” and said that Foley was “wonderful with the actors.”

Kelly, who plays Doug Stamper (President Frank Underwood's White House chief of staff), told Gold Derby what he thought when he found out about what happened at the end of Season 2. The actor said he was “freaked out” for some time, before Willimon spoke to him. [Spoiler alert]

Stamper was brutally attacked by the end of Season 2 and the character appeared to be dead. Kelly said that he got an email from his worried father who was wondering if Stamper had really died. The actor was concerned too, but Willimon assured him that Stamper was returning for the next season.

Stamper eventually killed his attacker, Rachel Posner (Rachel Brosnahan). Kelly said that the murder was one of the “hardest things” his character had to do, as he loved her. But, the character ultimately chose loyalty to Underwood (Kevin Spacey) over love. “House of Cards” has been renewed for another season and the premiere episode is expected to air by early 2016.

Source – Sony Pictures Entertainment