Picture this: It’s New Year’s Eve and the clock strikes 12. As the Time Square ball drops, party goers celebrate by raising their glass of champagne before taking a gulp … and then another one, and another, and so forth. Next thing celebrators know, they’re ringing in the New Year with confetti in their hair and a nasty hangover.

So, how does one cure that pesky post-partying sickness? Well, we’ve got some tricks tucked up our sequined-covered sleeve on how to avoid and cure your hangover for 2016.


  • Keep Track

    The easiest way to avoid a hangover is to, well … avoid drinking. But for those who are set on welcoming the new year with a glass of bubbly in hand (and let’s admit – that’s most of us), here are some tips you can use to stay nauseous-free the morning after.

    According to Shape magazine, limiting your drinks to one per hour gives your body a chance to metabolize the alcohol. This means you’ll have a less of a chance of battling a hangover the next day. With that said, keep a watchful eye on what you’re consuming and make sure not to overdrink.
  • Water, Water, Water

    Alcohol causes dehydration, which is a main factor in causing hangovers. So the key to dodging a morning spent face first in a toilet bowl is to pair every cocktail you consume with a glass of water. In fact, instead of pre-gamming with liquor before your big night out, why not swap out a shot for a big glass of H2O?
  • A Proper Meal

    While eating a big meal full of carbs, protein and fat is a good way to metabolize alcohol, Karena Dawn and Katrina Hodgson of Tone It Up suggest two specific ingredients to add to your pre-new year’s eve meal: Garlic and peppermint.

    The personal trainers, who previously stared on Bravo’s “Toned Up,” revealed that eating garlic gives you essential nutrients while also “coating your tummy,” slowing down the absorption of alcohol.

    But if you’re planning on sharing a new year’s eve kiss, drinking a cup of peppermint tea may be the better choice!

    “I like the respectful preventative way, which is peppermint tea,” Hodgson said in a video segment for Bravo. “You can have beautiful breath and the next day you feel good, too. Peppermint is really great for detoxifying and it’s delicious.”

    Bananas are also a great snack to have before going out because they’re loaded with potassium, which is chemical element party goers lose during their night of binge drinking.


  • Caffeine Fix

    It’s morning and you’re now starting to regret those shots you took when the clock struck 12. But despite not wanting to get out of bed, there's something you need to do: make a pot of coffee.

    According to a study taken place at Thomas Jefferson University in 2011, caffeine has been linked to warding off headaches caused by over-drinking. So, what are you waiting for? Your grounds won't percolate themselves!
  • Drink Up

    While coffee may help cure your throbbing headache, low-sugar electrolyte-replacement drinks, like Pedialyte, can help hydrate after a night of dehydrating cocktails.

    According to Men’s Fitness magazine, another great drink to sip on while battling a hangover is Coconut Water: a liquid loaded with potassium.

What are you tricks for avoiding/curing a hangover? Share your tips in the comments section below and have a happy, safe and hangover-free new year!