For thousands of years the Chinese people have known of the benefit of garlic to their health. So in China garlic apart from being used to flavor food is also traditionally used in teas and folk remedies.

The reason for using garlic is that it is one of nature's strongest immune system boosters as well as being a powerful antibiotic and helps the digestive system and increase a person's libido.

Below are provided a number of reasons as to what the benefits of garlic are. But whilst the health and medicinal benefits of garlic are numerous they can also overheat a persons system if they eat too much of it. According to traditional Chinese dietary therapy the garlic is warm in nature as well as being a strong stimulant. So people who suffer from excess heat in their body should first balance their system. This causes such symptoms as red eyes, bad breath, constipation, yellow urine, yellow tongue moss and acne. So if you have any of these symptoms and which to either eliminate or greatly reduce then do not have so much hot food and drinks (meat, fried foods, coffee and alcohol) from your diet before you start eating garlic on a regular basis or you will only make the symptoms worse.

Below are provided a list of the health and medicinal benefits of taking garlic.

1. It is great for enhancing a persons immune system
2. It contains great anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties
3. Also contains anti-fungal properties which are especially effective for treating yeast infections and Candida
4. Can clear boils and infected sores
5. Improves a persons appetite
6. Will aid a persons digestive system (but you must eat several raw cloves a day)
7. Will expel intestinal parasites and worms from the body
8. Can reduce high cholesterol levels

Now we will look at some ways of using garlic as the main ingredient and how the Chinese people make use of the health benefits of garlic.

Garlic Tea

In a pot place 1 or 2 cloves of crushed garlic, 1 or 2 grams of loose leaf green tea and if you want add 1 or 2 teaspoons of unrefined sugar to the mix. Then pour on boiling water and allow it to cool slightly. Next stir the mixture and let it steep for several minutes before you drink it. Then leave the ingredients in the pot and top it up with more water throughout the day. This helps to kill germs and remove toxins from the body.

Garlic Nose Drops

Crush several cloves of garlic to get the juice. Add to warm water (2 parts water to 1 part garlic juice). Now lie down and using an eye dropper place a couple of drops of the mixture into each nostril as soon as you feel any symptoms appearing. Continue using for as long as necessary. However if the drops irritate your nostrils then stop or reduce the number of drops taken.

This a good preventative method for the common cold and people who suffer from sinus problems.

Garlic Paste

Crush 2 cloves of garlic and mix with several drops of pure sesame oil until it forms a paste. Externally apply to boils, carbuncles and infected sores. Cover the area where paste has been applied and reapply when the paste becomes dry and falls off. Should your skin become overly irritated then discontinue use of the past and try again in a day or two.

In order that you can get the full health benefit of garlic having it in salads or as a tea or in capsule form. It is important that you eat less refined, processed and canned foods as use more foods in a more natural state as possible. 

Lee Dobbins writes for Herbs and Home Remedies where you can learn more about natural remedies and thebenefits of garlic

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