How To Get Away With Murder” Season 1 episode 2 kept up the fast pace and constant questions from the premiere. Annalise (Viola Davis) took on a new case where she and her students had to figure out how to convince a jury that Max (Steven Weber) didn’t kill his wife, although she was stabbed 16 times in their bed. Throughout the case, Annalise and Wes (Alfred Enoch) had their own distractions, particularly from Sam (Tom Verica) and Rebecca.

Annalise is concerned by the death of Lila Stanguard (Megan West). She snooped through Sam’s phone to determine if they had been having an affair. Her email was about handing a paper in late, but Annalise seemed more worried that the student was comfortable signing her name with “-L” and nothing more. It implied a familiarity that the lawyer assumed meant they were having an affair.

In her case, Annalise got Max to admit to killing his first wife. He was a hunter, he knew precision. That’s why his first wife’s stabbing was very clean and led to a quick death. His most recent wife’s stabbing was messy and less thoughtful. That was how she proved that he couldn’t have killed both women. Annalise knew that it was his daughter Eloise (Laura Coover) that killed him, but she didn’t say anything. Wes pointed out that it seemed like Eloise would be the one to do it, but Annalise said they were done. Their job ended with their client, they weren’t solving a murder case. After all, this class was "How To Get Away With Murder." 

It was harder for the law professor to learn about her husband. Sam assured his wife that he wasn’t cheating and she didn’t have to worry. However, she pointed out that she had plenty of reason to worry. Sam had cheated on her before.

She checked his phone again to see more emails. Anything that mentioned Lila’s name was deleted from his inbox and trash file. Annalise knew that there had been at least a page full of emails the night before. Sam was hiding something.

Annalise went to Nate (Billy Brown), who was still mad at her for blackmailing him on the stand in her last case. He hadn’t been returning her calls, but Annalise came to him in a panic.

“They were close,” she said. That wasn’t really enough for Nate to consider Sam a suspect.

“It’s your job talking,” Nate said. “It’s making you see bad when there is none.”

She made the detective agree to at least look into Sam’s alibi, and he agreed. When she got home, Annalise pretended nothing was wrong. She had sex with him and cried herself to sleep.

Wes might want to take up some of Annalise’s distrust. In flash forwards, the group worried about Wes. The flashforwards were mostly different parts of moments audiences saw last week from the murder cover up.

“It’s all her fault,” Michaela (Aja Naomi King) said.

They said that there was a woman that could convince Wes to ruin the plan, but he returned moments later with the trophy.

The group argued over what to do with Sam’s body, and Wes tossed a coin. However, this week’s angle showed the audience that Wes lied about the coin being heads. He decided that the group would take the body and get rid of it.

In the convenience store, Wes used a prepaid cell phone to call a hotel, room 203. “We’re going to protect you,” Wes said.

Back in the present day, Wes’ neighbor Rebecca (Katie Findlay) came over to use his shower. She dropped her towel with the door open, and Wes averted his eyes immediately. The next day they ran into each other on the stairs. Wes said that he was sorry about her friend Lila, but Rebecca said she wasn’t friends with her. Wes knew that she was at least friends with Lila’s boyfriend, Griffin (Lenny Platt), because he'd been to her apartment. Wes found that suspicious, so he reminded her not to talk to the police without a lawyer. The advice would come in handy. Rebecca was arrested later in the episode, and a news broadcast revealed that she’d been arrested before for selling hard drugs.

After her arrest, Wes thought about her shower at his place. He checked under his sink and lifted up the wooden planks. She left a phone behind, but it was locked.

In another flash forward, Wes went to motel room 203 and Rebecca answered the door. She told him not to leave her like that again. “I’m not going anywhere. You’re safe now,” Wes said before they kissed.

“How To Get Away With Murder” Season 1 airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. EDT on ABC. What was more shocking: Sam’s past affairs or Wes and Rebecca’s future affair? More importantly, how is Rebecca connected to Sam's murder? Sound off in the comments section below.