“How to Get Away with Murder” fans finally learned the identity of Lila Stangard’s (Megan West) killer in the Season 1 finale. However, the ABC series dropped another body into the laps of viewers. Fortunately, the network is teasing a Season 2 return -- but we still have a ton of questions while we await new episodes.

[WARNING: Do NOT continue reading unless you watched the Season 1 finale of “How to Get Away with Murder.]

To recap the Season 1 finale, all signs appeared to be pointing to Rebecca (Katie Findlay) as Lila’s murderer. Annalise’s (Viola Davis) group of students were so sure she was the killer that they tied her up and kept her in the basement of the law office while they put the pieces together. A flashback revealed that Rebecca and Lila did get into a nasty fight the night that she died, and she was indeed in the same water tank where Lila was found. However, Rebecca was not the one who killed the college student. In a shocking twist, viewers discovered that Annalise’s husband, Sam (Tom Verica), placed a call to somebody after leaving Lila on the roof.

“You owe me,” Sam said to the mysterious person. Lila was strangled shortly afterward -- by Annalise’s employee, Frank (Charlie Weber).

Rebecca was innocent, but she didn’t get a happy ending. In the final minutes of the episode, Annalise revealed someone had untied Rebecca and that she had escaped from the basement. The students immediately began to panic, but Annalise was hiding something from them. Rebecca wasn’t going to the police because she was dead. The last scene of the Season 1 finale revealed that both Frank and Annalise knew Rebecca’s body was stowed beneath the basement stairs.

Who killed Rebecca? That appears to be the big question for “How to Get Away with Murder” Season 2. But there is another question on the minds of fans -- who did Rebecca text?

Before being moved to the basement, Rebecca managed to steal Michaela’s (Aja Naomi King) phone and text someone: “Eggs 911. Lawyer’s House.”

The message was an obvious call for help, although nobody knows its intended recipient. But there is one main problem -- whoever she sent it to will come looking for her. Check out our theories about “Eggs 911” below.

A New Face -- The easiest answer is that Rebecca texted someone that viewers haven’t met yet. She didn’t seem to have any friends, but someone could appear when the series returns for its second season in the fall.

Nate -- Nate (Billy Brown) and Rebecca worked together to get information on Sam, which means it’s not too far-fetched to believe that Rebecca turned to him for help. He knows what “lawyer’s house” means, but we’re not sure how “eggs” fits into this.

The Security Guard -- When the students threatened Rebecca, she countered by telling them that she tracked down the campus security guard who showed up the night that Sam was murdered. It could have been a lie -- but the finale did show her outside the campus police station.

Rebecca explained that the security guard got fired right after Sam’s murder. A group of sorority girls claimed he had been following them, and he moved to Delaware to work security at a supermarket. Eggs = Supermarket? Rebecca could have confessed to the man that she feared for her life.

It doesn’t look like Annalise and the others will be able to cover up this body in Season 2 of “How to Get Away with Murder.” What are your thoughts on “Eggs 911”? Tweet your theories to @AmandaTVScoop.