Players hoping to get ahead in Pokémon GO may look toward monetary means to strengthen their Pokémon quicker but, trust us, you don't need to open up your wallet to do well in the game.

It may be tempting to fork over the $1 to $100 to buy yourself some PokéCoins and stock up on anything from lure modules to incense to egg incubators, but there’s a cheaper way to get your hands on the in-game currency. PokéCoins can also be picked up fairly easily if you just get a few Pokémon into some gyms.

The best way to get a bunch of free PokéCoins, according to, is to find a gym and either take it down or strengthen it so you can store your Pokémon there. While there have been plenty of complaints about the gym system in the game, this appears to be one of the only viable ways of getting free PokéCoins at this time.

Here’s what you need to know to start cashing in on the Pokémon you keep at the gym. Once your creatures are in the gym, you’ll have the option every 20 to 21 hours of opening up your in-game “shop” and clicking on a little icon in the upper right hand corner. Doing so will get you free PokéCoins, but only if you are in control of a gym. There is no confirmation screen.

For each Pokémon in a gym controlled by your team, you will get 10 PokéCoins. You have a limit of 100 PokéCoins for each 20 to 21 hour cycle. Alongside the PokéCoins you will receive 500 stardust per Pokémon.

Once you do that, you are well on your way to becoming the best Pokémon master that you can dream of. Maybe you’ll even be the best in the world someday.