Season seven of How I Met Your Mother is coming to a close on May 14, but photos from the season finale have already surfaced. The series is set to air two episodes back to back, with an episode entitled The Magician's Code ending the latest season.

Fans of the show have been waiting all season for Lily (Alyson Hannigan) and Marshall (Jason Segel) to have their baby, and in the season finale they will. Newly released photos from the episode show Lily and the gang in the hospital room. Marshall in green scrubs has a big smile on his face as Lily holds their new baby. The rest of the group has smiles on their face as well, even Robin (Cobie Smulders) who on multiple occasions said she hated babies.

Although Marshall can be seen in photos with Lily holding the baby, other photos of Lily in labor show her in the hospital room with her estranged father sitting next to her, not Marshall. By the look on Lily's face it doesn't seem like she is too happy with the arrangement.

Is it possible that Marshall was rushing to the hospital when he found out that Lily was in labor? By the looks of pictures it seems like Barney whisked Marshall away for a pre-baby celebration that may end up making the future father a little late for the birth. Fans might have a sneak peek at the name for the new baby, as Marshall is wearing an odd shirt that says Marshall & Steph 4-Eva within a pink heart.

While the baby being born isn't much of a spoiler, the show has also leaked photos of Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) on his wedding day. Barney is tuxed-up with his best men, Ted and Marshall in the room. Noticeably absent in those pictures is Barney's future wife. Who will his bride be? Quinn (Becki Newton) or Robin?

Who do you think Barney is going to marry?

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