One month remains until "How I Met Your Mother" returns to CBS for its eighth season, but we have more scoop of what's to come for the gang - more specifically their newest member!

SpoilerTV is reporting that the fourth episode in season eight will be called "The Bro Code For Parents." The episode, according to, gives viewers a future glimpse of Marvin, Marshall and Lily's son.

Fans of the series have seen Ted's future kids numerous times, but while we have a glimpse of infant Marvin, we'll also be seeing the little Eriksen at ages 2, 6 and 13.  "The Bro Code For Parents" will show Marvin over the years getting "well-intentioned" advice from his three godparents. Obviously, most of the advice will be pretty bad, and have Marshall and Lily cringing.

"The Bro Code For Parents" is the follow up to episode three, which has been titled "Nannies." According to E! Online, Marshall and Lily will be "on the hunt for the perfect nanny to take care of their little one."

Fans will be getting some good laughs as the many contenders for the position are bound to have some serious flaws. Those up for the job of nanny include an expensive qualified elderly woman, a young girl from Marshall's hometown (who E! reports that Barney takes an interest in), a recently sober woman and a "trashy web cam connoisseur."

Who do you think will land the coveted nanny position, and what poor pieces of advice do you think the gang will tell Marvin "Wait-For-It" Eriksen?