It’s the moment that “How I Met Your Mother” fans have been waiting for! No, not the big reveal of how Ted met Cristin Milioti’s “mother” character … or the mystery of the pineapple. Viewers watching episode 15, “Unpause,” finally learned the names of Ted’s two children, PLUS what Barney does for a living.

For almost nine seasons the CBS sitcom was successful in not naming Ted’s children (who often appear at the beginning of the episode in a flash forward) and avoiding answering the question of Barney’s job (which often seems shady).  But on Monday, Jan. 20 fans finally learned both answers.

“Unpause” featured a flash forward to 2017 with Ted and The Mother at the Farhampton Inn before their second baby is born. But their babymoon at their favorite location is interrupted when Cristin Milioti’s character goes into labor in the middle of the night. It’s while Ted is carrying his daughter that he reveals her name – Penny! As for his son? A voiceover about one of the show’s “golden rules” --nothing good ever comes after 2am – sweetly explains that his son, Luke, is the exception.

Barney’s story is a little more confusing. Over the past few seasons the groom-to-be has held some sort of high paying management position and succeeded in getting Lily, Ted and Marshall gigs at Goliath National Bank. Previously mentioning that his job might result in him washing up on shore with no teeth or fingerprints, no one ever unveiled his job title or what he really does in the office … until now.

After drinking a truth serum, Barney was asked by Robin and Ted about his job. Barney initially replied, “please,” but then went into greater detail: “PLEASE -- Provide Legal Exculpation And Sign Everything.”

Barney has supposedly been working for the guy who stole his girlfriend. Initially getting the job to learn how to be “awesome,” he eventually hatched a plan for revenge. Over the past few years he’s been signing documents that could get his boss in trouble with the government. But before you worry about Barney’s possibility of ending up in jail he explained that he’s been working with the feds who are close to arresting his boss.

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