Did — did that really just happen? During Monday night’s episode of “How I Met Your Mother,” the beloved CBS series brought light to a rumor that fans have been trying to disprove for a few months now. You know the one we’re talking about — it’s the speculation that “The Mother” dies during the series finale of “HIMYM.”

At first, the theory sounds completely outlandish. But after watching the episode “Vesuvius,” were pretty sure that Cristin Milioti’s character is going to bite the dust on March 31. Here’s why: During episode 19, Carter Bays and Craig Thomas shine a light on a few specific moments as Ted tells “The Mother” the story about Robin breaking the lamp on her wedding day.

However, prior to telling yet another tale, the duo jokes around about how they’ve turned into and “old, married couple.”

“Wow. You know every one of my stories,” “The Mother” says to Ted. “And you know every one of mine,” he replies. “I guess it’s official. We’re an old married couple.”

They start to kiss, which is when hotel management scoots on by and talks to the couple about how they’ve snuck away from the kids. He then asks them not to break a lamp during their wild night out.

That’s when “The Mother” realizes she doesn’t know all of her husband’s stories, thus starting the riveting story of “the lamp.”

Episode 19 dives into Robin and Barney’s wedding day. While Barney freaks out over what suit to sport on his big day, Robin is relaxing as she shoots a few pucks at her sister in her hotel room. Yep, that’s how she broke the lamp.

Not amused by her bestie's sporty ways, Lily tries to get sentimental with the bride-to-be as she shows her a scrapbook she made about Barney and Robin’s relationship.

“This is a day you only do once,” Lily told Robin, adding that her friend should “appreciate” it. That comment triggers Robin’s memory that “The Wedding Bride 2” is on. While Ted tries to help Barney find the perfect suit, the rest of the gang laughs away as they watch Stella’s husband’s interpretation of Ted. Well, that is until Marshall realizes he too was featured in the rom-com.

“I’m going to sure everyone involved!” Marshall exclaimed.

But “Narshall’s” anger is put on hold when Robin’s adorable grandmother comes to the hotel door with a photo from her own wedding day. While telling the sweet story, Robin cuts her grandmother off and kicks her out the room. That really grinded Lily’s gears.

“You’re acting like it’s any other Sunday and it’s not!” Lily said. Robin explained that she’s not a typical “wedding bride” and her friend should stop expecting her to act like one.

At that moment, “HIMYM” flashes to present day and “The Mother” admits to Ted that she does infact know the story. That brings us to the first clue of why we think “The Mother” is going to die in the series finale.

Embarrassed that his wife really does know all his stories, Ted joked that he’ll probably turn into an old man spinning stories.

“I love your yarns. I hope you never stop spinning them,” “The Mother” said. “But, I don’t want you to be the guy who lives in his stories. Life only moves forward.” Hmm, interesting choice of words. Could “The Mother” be telling Ted not to live in the stories of her? Sit on that for a while while we finish the recap.

“The Mother” then retells the story from her memory.

“Robin and Lily get into a big fight.. knock at the door.”

Lily comes in sporting a wedding dress, threatening Robin that she might just wear it to the ceremony. Not giving a hoot, Robin tells her to do it.

That’s when Ted and Barney walk in. Lily says that this isn’t just a big moment for Robin, but for all of them. “This may be the last time we’re hanging out all together before [Ted] moves to Chicago,” she said, spilling Ted’s secret. But everyone already knows.

“And then it hit all of us. We didn’t know the last time we’d all be together,” Ted said in present day. “When a moment is to intense…” “It’s best to leave it unspoken,” “The Mother” finished his sentence.

The boys leave teasing each other with the silly nicknames they've concocted over the years and Robin steps out to get some ice. That’s when Robin finally breaks down on her wedding day — after she sees her mother.

After the story is told, “The Mother” explains that the ending to that story isn’t surprising. “What type of mother misses their daughter’s wedding?” she asked. Ted starts to cry.

So, why the heck is Ted blubbering? We think it’s because “The Mother” won’t be making it to their own daughter’s wedding.

Sound off in the comments section below if you agree with that theory or let us know if you have another prediction of your own! We’d love to hear it.