“How I Met Your Mother” shocked fans last night, when episode 19 of the long-running CBS series alluded to the rumors that the theorized death of The Mother might actually be a plausible ending to their show. Seems unfair, right? We’ve waited nine seasons for Ted to finally get his happy ending and now it’s quite possible that Carter Bays and Craig Thomas are going to take her away as quickly as Cristin Milioti’s character arrived.

The reason we believe The Mother might be dead by the end of the series finale is because "Vesuvius" hinted some pretty disturbing clues in episode 19. After realizing Ted has told his wife all of his alluring stories, the protagonist become overwhelmed with embarrassment that he’s eventually going to turn into an old man spinning stories.

“I love your yarns. I hope you never stop spinning them,” The Mother said. “But, I don’t want you to be the guy who lives in his stories. Life only moves forward.”

Is The Mother essentially telling Ted not to live in the past after she dies? We know the couple would have created a few of their own wonderful tales before her demise, which is likely why she’s telling him to not rehash old memories.

The other clue we received in episode 19 of why we think The Mother death is inevitable is because at the end of “Vesuvius,” The Mother explains that the ending to Ted’s story about the lamp wasn’t entirely surprising. (Robin’s mother makes her debut for the big day.)

“What type of mother misses their daughter’s wedding?” she asked. With that question on the table, Ted starts to burst into tears. Yes, we know it could have been because his own mother might have died before his wedding, but we think that’s very unlikely. Although Ted is an extremely emotional character, we’ve never seen him break down like this before. That was a meltdown due to her death. It just had to be. So, does The Mother have an incurable disease that she knows will kill her down the line? Perhaps Ted cried because Milioti’s character won’t make it to their own daughter’s wedding. Not that that’s something worth crying about.

After leaving us with the huge cliffhanger, fans of the show have been diving into threads of theories and predictions. But what we wonder is will episode 20 give us any more clues regarding The Mother death? According to the official synopsis, “Daisy” will tell the story about where exactly Lily went the night she walked out on Marshall during the middle of their fight regarding whether to stay in New York or move to Italy.

And by the looks of the promo, we think it might have something to do with The Captain. Why else would Marshall punch him in the face? With Billy Zabka, Ted, Rashid and Barney backing him up, Lily’s husband winds up and throws a fist right into The Captain’s face. But it seems strange that The Captain’s house is where Lily would hide out during a fight.

Episode 20 will also reveal more information about Robin’s mother (Tracey Ullman) and her relationship with her daughter. Could a moment between them foreshadow something about Ted’s wife? It’s quite possible considering it’s already brought light to the fact someone’s mother won’t be around for their daughter’s wedding.

What are you predictions about episode 20, “Daisy”? Let us know your thoughts and don’t forget to watch the new episode of "How I Met Your Mother" on March 10 for more clues regarding The Mother's potential death.