It must be the luck of the Irish! Today, “How I Met Your Mother” released a sneak peek preview that will surely get you excited for the airing of “Gary Blauman” on March 17. Are you curious to find out what will happen during episode 21? Well, watch the leaked clip below and see where exactly Ted will be taking the Mother out on their very first date. Does this mean that fans will finally see how Ted met the Mother?

“So, I thought we’d try a new restaurant that’s right around the corner from here,” Ted explained to his future wife about where the two would be dining that evening. “It’s Scottish, Mexican fusion.”

“Scottish, Mexican fusion?” the Mother asked in disbelief. “That seems like two things that do not fuse.”

“Perhaps you’ll change your mind when you try their signature Haggis-enchilada,” he quipped.

On the way to their first date, Cristin Milioti’s character confessed that she was rather surprised when Ted called her. “Isn’t there some guy rule where you have to wait four days to call a girl?” she questioned.

“That does not ring a bell,” Ted said. Laughter ensued, which means our protagonist must have struggled greatly with when he should call the Mother during episode 21. And can you even imagine the differentiated advice given to the hopeless romantic by the gang? “Three days,” he eventually confessed.

The duo finally arrived to the strangely themed restaurant where they hear a mariachi band blaring through the window.

“I did not realize there would be live music,” Ted said embarrassed.

“So, should we…” the Mother said only to have her soon-to-be-husband quickly finish her sentence, “eat anywhere but here?”

“Yeah!" the Mother replied. “Besides, I’m sure we can find a place where we don’t need reservations.”

“Oh, you think it’s just that easy?” Ted asked. “Just stroll in off the street and get a meal? Well, let me tell you the tale of Gary Blauman.”

You remember Blauman, right? He was an employee in the legal department at Goliath national Bank and also Barney and Marshall’s co-worker. Blauman was known for his extreme teasing and was the subject of Barney’s factious story that attempted to prove the moral of not screaming back at one’s boss. The character, played by Tara Killam, is also Cobie Smulder’s real-life husband!

The sneak peek of episode 21 then cuts to a scene of Blauman congratulating Robin on her wedding day.

“There’s the blushing bride,” Barney’s former co-worked said to his fiancé, giving her a kiss on the cheek. Robin looked completely surprised to see him.

“How are you?” he asked excitedly before slapping himself on the forehead. “Duh, I don’t need to ask! You’re getting married. Don’t let me keep you. You have things to do. I will see you walking down the aisle. I’ll be the guy in the eighth row going like this,” he said making an “aw” face.

Blauman leaves, which is when Marshall walks up the stairs.

“Hey, there’s the blushing…” he said getting cut off.

“Code red!” she screamed furiously. Robin continued freaking out until the sneak peek clip ended.

Why is she so upset that Blauman is at her wedding? Did the two hook up way back when? According to the synopsis for March 17’s episode, “the gang goes crazy remember encounters with Gary Blauman after he shows up to the wedding.”

Uh oh, could Blauman’s intentions at the wedding to be somehow sabotaging it? Let us know your predictions in the comments section below and don’t forget to tune into “How I Met Your Mother” tonight at 8 p.m. EDT on CBS.