Episode 8 of “How I Met Your Mother” picked up at 9 a.m. on Saturday with 33 hours before Barney and Robin’s wedding.

Viewers will remember that things aren’t going too smoothly for the wedding guests in Farhampton. Barney’s torn between his mother, Loretta, and Robin; Marshall’s stuck driving from Michigan to Farhampton; Lily’s upset that Marshall took a judge position without telling her; and Ted is all alone at one of the most romantic places.

So, where does episode 8 find everyone? Still at war!

Barney, Robin & Loretta

Barney tells his mother that Robin wants a truce, but apparently Robin didn’t get the memo. At breakfast, the bride-to-be shows up in the blouse that she won from Loretta during the poker game – and the claws are back out.

The fight turns towards eggs, and Robin argues that her (mysterious) mother could make better eggs than Loretta, “The Queen of Scrambled Eggs.” While waiting for her mother to arrive, Robin gets into an egg-off with Loretta. But Robin soon acknowledges that she can’t cook an egg. Loretta asks what she’s going to cook for her future grandkids for breakfast then, and a visibly upset Robin tells her that grandkids is one thing she won’t have to worry about.

After Robin walks away, Barney tells his mom that Robin can’t have children and that he found out about it last fall. A flashback revealed a touching moment between the two when Robin told Barney after a night out at a club, and Barney didn’t say anything … instead he pulled Robin in for a hug.

“I’m marrying a girl that means more to me than kids, my career, than even the Lambourcuzzi (a Lamborghini with a hot tub inside  -- ‘patent pending’),” Barney tells Loretta. And Loretta finally understands that Barney is head over heels in love with Robin.

Meanwhile, Robin learns some unfortunate news – her mother was too scared to get on the plane and won’t be attending her wedding. A tough moment for her, it’s made easier when Loretta finds out and gives her a big hug. “My name is mom, don’t ever call me anything else,” she tells Robin. “I’m mom.”

Feud over!

Ted & Cassie

Remember Cassie (guest star Anna Camp)? She was the blonde that Ted was trying to have meaningless sex with … who unfortunately ran into some bad luck. Ted didn’t hit it off with Cassie, but Lily tells him to just “end up with her already.” Telling him that she’s tired of him bothering her with his love life, Lily gives Ted some terrible advice – invite Cassie to the romantic Farhampton lighthouse.

Ted takes Lily’s advice and it ends up being a big mistake. Cassie trips on a toy and falls down the stairs at the hotel, but refuses to back out of going to the lighthouse with Ted. Instead she complains the whole way and makes Ted give her a piggyback ride up the entire flight of stairs.

In the end (after Ted vomits) he realizes that he can’t just settle for any girl, and has to keep waiting for “the one.”

Marshall & Daphne

On their road trip back to New York, Marshall and Daphne run into the storm that grounded them at the airport. Fortunately they were right by Ted’s childhood home and stayed the night with Ted’s mom and his stepdad, Clint.

Clint sees that Marshall and Daphne have some tension between them (thanks to her working for a big oil company and ratting Marshall’s judge position out to Lily) and sets out to fix it … by sneaking into their car and hiding in their trunk.

When the time is right, Clint pops up and begins singing to them about conflict resolution. Ted’s stepdad isn’t successful in getting the pair to bond over a common interest, though … until both Marshall and Daphne realize that they hate his hippie way of conflict resolution. “We both think you’re a loser,” Daphne tells Clint, laughing. But Clint doesn’t care that Marshall and Daphne have found common ground. Instead he’s now angry over people putting down his therapy techniques.  

Having a “blood attack,” Clint makes them pull over so that he can meditate. And while Marshall initially waits for Clint, he finally takes a page from Daphne’s book and puts the car in drive – leaving Clint behind.


Lily is still not happy with Marshall over ruining their plans to move to Italy. Since she can’t take out her anger on her husband, Lily sees red anytime someone mentions anything to do with Marshall’s future job (i.e. court, judge, gavel and trial) and crushes the glass of alcohol she has in her hand. Fortunately for her, Linus is still constantly refreshing the drinks.

Ted & Cristin Milioti’s “Mother”

After his debacle with Cassie, Ted wonders how many beautiful places he ruined by being with the wrong girl there. But a flashfoward shows that he gave the Farhampton lighthouse another chance almost two years after he met “The Mother.”

Ted tells Cristin Milioti’s character that he wishes it was her that he was up there with two years ago, but she tells him it was probably for the best.

“When you vomit, I vomit,” she warns Ted. “You know that.”

Taking in the beautiful view, Ted tells the Mother that he knows how to make it even more beautiful … and gets down on one knee.

“Will you,” Ted begins to say. But he’s cut off when the Mother immediately says “yes.” “You didn’t even let me,” Ted starts. But once again the Mother cuts him off by repeatedly saying, “yes.”

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