Barney and Robin’s wedding weekend continued in episode 6 of “How I Met Your Mother.” It’s now the Friday evening before the wedding and no one is safe from the out-of-control shenanigans.

So, what happened in episode 6, “Knight Vision”?

Ted’s Evening

With the whole weekend ahead of him, Barney warns Ted that Friday night is the time to secure a hookup for the weekend. And fortunately for Ted, Barney and Robin have put together a list of three prospects for him to choose from.

1. Sophia- Robin’s college roommate, who is a bit of a screamer in bed.

2. Cassie- The daughter of Barney’s mom’s best friend, who was forced to quit her promising gymnast career 12 years ago because her breasts got too big.

3. Grace- Barney’s new co-worker, who has had six different positions at his firm … “and that was just at the Christmas party.”

Barney compares Ted’s decision to one that Indiana Jones had to make when choosing the Holy Grail, and unlike Indiana Jones, Ted chose poorly.

Deciding to go with Cassie after she mentioned having “meaningless sex,” Ted ended up having the unluckiest date:

-She got fired from her job and was told that everyone hates her.

-Her car was stolen with all her belongings in it.

-She thinks she’s getting the flu.

- Her boyfriend Wesley just broke up with her … and is at the wedding with another girl.

Obviously distraught over the series of events taking place over the weekend, Ted decides to let Cassie down easy and tell her that she’s not in the right place mentally right now … despite Cassie telling him, “I want to ride you like a bronco.”

Finally able to escape Cassie, Ted still “chose poorly” and was labeled a “couple” with Cassie … successfully scaring away any potential single females at the wedding.

Marshall And Daphne’s Car Ride

Marshall’s car ride to the wedding is just making him more nervous about telling Lily about the judgeship offer he received. To make things easier, Daphne decides to help him by doing a little role play.

Teaching Marshall how to properly tell Lily that he got offered his dream job, Daphne’s appalled when she discovers that he already took the job without consulting Lily. Daphne explains that she was in the same situation in the past when her husband kept putting his career before hers. But eventually she just went ahead and followed her dream.

So, what does she do for a living now? She’s a lobbyist for a big oil company -- Marshall’s archenemy as an environmental lawyer.

The two get into a spat, but Marshall finally returns and apologizes … but not before Daphne steals his phone and texts Lily that Marshall took the job.

Barney And Robin’s Small Problem

Desperate to have their wedding at this “cute” church, Robin and Barney had to impress the minister with the story of how they met. So instead of using their not-so-traditional love story, Robin and Barney decided to steal Lily and Marshall’s story of how they met.

Initially getting away with their tale, Lily blew their cover when she told the minister her story of how she met her husband. Although they tell their true story and ask for forgiveness, the officiate tells them that they’re going to need to find a new minister … and a new church.

After being told that they are “terrible people,” Barney and Robin come completely clean about their relationship. Robin tells Barney how she loves that he slept with over 250 women and decided she was the best. Barney says that he loves that they keep track of all the rooms they’ve had sex in --- including the minister’s office.

Looking to get a rise out of their minister, they’re shocked when he doesn’t respond … because he had a heart attack and died.

While the minister initially told them that they have to find a new church AND minister; now they only need to find a minister … in the next two days. (Because Robin won’t allow ‘Wedding at Barney’s.)

Will Barney and Robin find a new minister in time? Will Lily be okay with Marshall’s choice? HOW WILL TED MEET “THE MOTHER”?! “How I Met Your Mother” will continue the story of Barney and Robin’s wedding weekend next Monday.

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