It's uncertain when gas stations will go back to the way they used to be. Waiting 20 minutes for a tank of gas would seem like a dream come true now for many on the Eastern Coast in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. 

Because of the storm’s devastation, a large numer of gas stations were left without power and those that do have power have run out of gas.

Some people have reported they’ve waited on three-hour-long lines just to be told the gas station had run out of gas.

There’s no “best” time to go get gas. Most people are unable to go to work, don’t have any Internet access or cable service, so if they have to wait hours for some gas, so be it.

Many people have turned their cars off while waiting on gas lines, which isn’t a bad idea, except it does take more gas to turn the car on sometimes than to just leave it idle.

Those who have iPads or tablets are in pretty good shape when it comes to waiting on gas lines, as long as they’ll hold a charge.

Unfortunately, though, there often isn’t a Wi-Fi connection to sustain them, so the next best option could be to bring a laptop or notebook and write about one's experiences from the hurricane: the aftermath, the crazy gas lines and the shortage of gas, or just write creatively -- anything to keep oneself occupied.

Those who aren’t fans of writing could bring a book. The lines typically move slow enough for people to focus on reading and still maintain their spot on the gas line.

If those solo options don’t work, bringing a friend is the next best idea. Board games are pretty much out of the question, but card games can definitely work and help make time pass. War is a pretty long card game that doesn’t require a lot of room and can be played with two people.

Turn the car off and take a mini walk. Unfortunately, the car will probably be in the same spot, but considering that the lines are three hours long at some stations, it’s not a bad idea to stretch the legs a little.

If all else fails, people can get out of their cars and make friends. Everyone is in this together, and it’s useless to be at each other’s throats.