Microsoft’s Connect (); 2016 developer event is Nov. 16-18, and will be live-streamed from New York City.

The live broadcast starts Nov. 16 at 9:45 a.m. EST, and continues with an interactive Q&A and on-demand content.

Microsoft Executive vice president Scott Guthrie and principal program manager Scott Hanselman will be sharing the latest features from Visual Studio, .NET, Xamarian, Azure, SQL, Windows, Office and more.

Developers will be able to engage in live, Q&A sessions with Microsoft’s engineering teams, customers and partners.

Al Hilwa IDC recently said, “Microsoft’s Connect(); developer event has grown into a significant milestone for developers building modern apps for cloud, mobile and DevOps deployment scenarios, in the process helping drive positive business impact at their companies.”

Microsoft recently added a third day of live streaming on Nov. 18. You can choose from a full-day of courses on developing and deploying web and data applications or cross-platform mobile apps.

Sessions will show you how to take advantage of Microsoft’s development tools and services to deliver an awesome mobile application using Xamarin. Sessions include Introduction and Setup, Introduction to Xamarin.Forms, XAML Fundamentals, Azure Web Services, UI Testing and Analytics and Deployment.

You can find more details about Microsoft’s Connect(); 2016 event here.