There are a little less than 2,000 giant pandas in the world, making the chance to name two of the newest born a rather special and rare treat. And that’s exactly what Zoo Atlanta is offering animal lovers around the world to do.

The zoo announced Monday it would allow people to name its new 11-week old twin giant pandas over the next three weeks and will announce the final vote tallies on Dec. 12, just as the twins reach their 100-day old milestone.

“There’s much more to this milestone than just two names. The permanence of names gives us a celebration of the achievements of the giant panda program at Zoo Atlanta and a continuation of the bright future of one of our longest-lived and most successful conservation partnerships,” Zoo Atlanta’s CEO and president Raymond B. King said in a statement. “It’s also a tribute to our giant panda care team, who have done a tremendous and tireless job in helping Lun Lun raise two healthy, thriving young cubs.”

The twins, both female, were born on Sept. 3 to mother Lun Lun and are currently called “Cub A” and “Cub B,” but it’s not as if zoo-goers or panda lovers can name them after their favorite pop or sports star.

The zoo received seven suggestions for names, each with a different meaning, from its partners in Chengdu, China, and people can pick any one.

The prospective names are: Ba Lun and Shu Lun (with Ba Shu meaning “land of abundance"), Jiu Jiu and Yuan Yuan (Jiu translates to “longevity” or “long time” and Yuan “far distance” or “far away”), Lun Jia and Jia Lun (the first Jia meaning “addition” and the second “good,” “fine,” or “praise), Lun Li and Lun Yu (Lun Li can mean “ethic” or “ethics” and Lun Yu is derived from Confucius), Ya Lun and Xi Lun (Ya meaning “elegant” and Xi “happy”), Ya Lun and Xin Lun (with Zin meaning “fragrant”), and Yang Hai and Yang Gui (Yang Yang is the twins father and Yang equals “ocean” while Hai means “sea”)

For the rare opportunity, fans have until Dec. 4 to cast their vote and can head to their zoo’s official site here. And for a look at the cubs, the zoo offers its “Panda Cam” here.