One of the most celebrated parts of the holiday season can quickly turn into a dried- out, needle-shedding nuisance as you enter the new year. But if you're concerned about just how to best dispose of your live christmas tree, there are several options that will make the task a little easier. 

Some cities have tree pickup services while others offer ways to turn the tree into yard mulch. So once you pack away your ornaments and lights for next year, read through our list below of 4 ways best dispose of your live Christmas tree. 

1. Kick It To The Curb

Most cities offer curbside pickup of trees for a few weeks after Christmas. It's best to check your local waste-management guidelines to see the specifics of your area's collection program. 

2. Drop It Off Yourself

You can also take it to drop-off recycling locations that are set up around your town or city. 

3. Chop It Up

The National Christmas Tree Association also recommends cutting your tree up so that it is able to fit in your yard waste container. This is another simple, organized way to dispose of your tree. 

4. Pay For It To Be Hauled Away

For a very small donation, several nonprofit organizations offer tree pickup services. You can do a good deed and get rid of that tree at the same time.