Salt is one of the most precious seasonings used daily.  It has also been known as one of the best food preservatives for thousands of years, especially for meat. Yet salt has more useful purposes.

Protect clothing color
Salt prevents dye in clothing from fading in water. If you use salt for washing colorful clothes, you can preserve their color. Put your clothes in salty water (A 20 % salty mixture: 1 part salt, 4 parts water) and soak your clothes for 20 minutes before washing.

Remove blood spots
If you don't remove blood spots from your clothes immediately, it becomes very difficult to remove them. Put the stained clothes into salt water (A 20 % salty mixture: 1 part salt, 4 parts water) for 20 minutes then wash it. Then wash them again in the water mixed with a small portion of vinegar (10 percent mix).

Remove spots from carpets
Carpets are hard to clean. Often, children or anyone can spill something on your expensive carpet. Let's save time and money. Sprinkle salt or sodium bicarbonate on carpet stain. Salt will take moisture from the spot. After this, rub the spot with a moist rag dipped in a neutral detergent. This cleans any kind of spot.

Clean oily frying pans
There is way to use less water and soap for washing an oily frying pan. Put a salt in the fry-pan when it's still hot. Salt will absorb the oil.

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