Oculus’ developer conference is happening in San Jose, California this week and today's keynote will reveal some potentially interesting news. It will be a 2-hour presentation where the company’s leaders will talk about the future for virtual reality and Oculus VR. There will most likely also be new products, new games, and some new ideasThe company will mostly announce the pricing and release date for the Rift’s Touch controllers, which have been circling for a year now. Oculus also said there will be more than 30 compatible games when the controllers launch, so we may even get to find out some of those titles, too.

Watch live video from Oculus on www.twitch.tv

How to watch the Oculus Connect 3 Keynote:

Live stream: Oculus’ live stream is available on YouTube and Twitch.

Virtual-reality live stream: You can even watch the event as a 360-degree video stream, but it’s limited to Gear VR owners. If you own one, you can watch through the NextVR app.