Hewlett-Packard on Monday said it has introduces its new Extreme Scale-Out portfolio for high-performance and Web 2.0 computing from its ProLiant SL server family.

It said Its Extreme Scale-Out enables customers to reduce its cost and to save more up to $152.8 million in reduced capital expenditures and $13.7 million in energy costs; it will improve its facility efficiency and will accelerate its time in the massive scale business markets.

“Customers with scale-out business models need solutions that make every dollar, watt and square foot in the data center count,” said Christine Reischl, senior vice president and general manager, Industry Standard Servers, HP.

It is ultra-efficient and modular design that enables customers to quickly and easily build solutions that meet extreme scale-out workload requirements, exceptional energy savings and reduce cost-to-scale.

“Businesses built on extreme scale-out environments” have very distinct and unique data center requirements, specifically around energy efficiency, cost and time to market, such as cloud, Web 2.0 and HPC, operate at maximum transaction volume and low margins, said Michelle Bailey, research vice president, IDC.

It also uses a “skinless” systems architecture that replaces the traditional chassis and rack form factors with an extremely lightweight rail and tray design.