A teaser video about Hewlett-Packard Spectre has been leaked and it is circulating around the Internet. If a person clicks the video, he/she might find that HP's newest laptop looking like a thin ultrabook. As a result, many people can't help wondering whether HP ultrabook will launch in the next week's tech trade show - CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2012 - in Las Vegas.

The 30-second video is filled with abstract shining images and visual effects. Only in the last seconds, one part of the device appears, which seems to be a thin ultrabook with several ports and connectors on the left side. If the speculation is true, the Spectre might become a powerful rival of MacBook Air.

The teaser video has been released days before CES, the annual tech trade show is set to kick off in Las Vegas from Jan. 10-13.

Meanwhile, Shawn DuBravac, research director of the Consumer Electronics Association, said at a London event in last December that about 30 to 50 ultrabooks could be launched at CES 2012, the Telegraph reported. All of them would boast of thin design but powerful performance.

However, even though the ultrabooks are appealing to the customers, the laptops are overpriced and few customers can buy them. Apple has set $1000 for its entry-level MacBook Air, making it difficult for other ultrabook makers to cut down the price.

But severe competition in the ultrabook market have prompted the customers to wonder if the price will be lowered.

Citing Acer President Jim Wong , the Taiwan-based newspaper DigiTimes reported in December that ultrabook prices might be cut down to about $500 by 2012 due to the fierce competition among a slew of devices.

Click the video below to find out the details of HP's new ultrabook.