HP unveils a high-speed digital color press consisting of 30-inch-wide HP Inkjet Web Press targeting high-volume production operations.

The HP Inkjet Web Press of is a new product category in the commercial printing marketplace established with a unique combination of width, productivity, print economics, and print quality at high speed. Key Features of the product includes up to 30 inch (762mm) web width, 400 feet (122 meters) per minute speed, scalable printing technology, HP Pigment Inks + Bonding Agent, wide range of uncoated papers and HP SmartStream Ultra Print Server.

“To date, much of the industry talk on digital color inkjet presses has been about future potential, not solutions that can make print service providers more competitive, profitable and productive today,” said Aurelio Maruggi, vice president and general manager, Inkjet High-speed Production Solutions, HP. “HP is showing the industry firsthand how the groundbreaking, 30-inch-wide HP Inkjet Web Press is bringing big benefits in an actual commercial production environment.”

The Inkjet Web Press, through its resolution of 1,200 x 600 dots per inch (dpi) at a full press speed of 400 feet per minute is an industry first for high-volume continuous-feed inkjet production platforms.

The new product equation delivers up to 2,600 full color impressions per minute and wider platform. Additionally, Book signatures, full sized newspaper broadsheets, and a variety of multi-up formats for mailings are now possible in full digital color.

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