HPO Center, a Netherlands-based high performance organization has revealed a global study about the main success factors of companies, a report on the company website said.

The study was started by André de Waal, Academic Director and owner of the HPO Center, in 2004 and has dealt with 1,470 organizations in 50 countries. The study was validated by Cranfield University School of Management, UK and was presented at several scientific and professional conferences, the center said.

“We are a knowledge and inspiration center that uses continuous research to work with organizations around the world (including emerging markets) that are driven to improve their performance,” said Marco Schreurs, Marketing Director, HPO Center, Netherlands. “Inspiring, rousing and connecting people are our passion. We use the HPO concept to hold a mirror up to organizations and provide a foundation for continuous performance improvement”

Schreurs added the company aims to be the source of inspiration and knowledge worldwide when dealing with how to make an organization better and new ways of driving managers and employees within those organizations to improve their performance.

The company has released a video which talks about qualities of management and employees, improvement, innovation, openness and long-term orientation.