HTC showed off the Microsoft-powered Titan II at CES in January, and it could land on AT&T March 18, but will it tower over the Apple iPhone 4S upon release? If the original HTC Titan is any indication, that question will land with a thud because the Titan is already being replaced after less than six months. Titan II is nearly identical to the Titan except for a slight body alteration and inclusion of a huge camera and 4G LTE support. It's the same software underneath and the same hardware. 

It's notable, however, because of the 16 megapixel camera and the LTE. It will be the first Microsoft Windows Phone to include LTE support if it does come out March 18. Nokia had been rumored to be debuting the Lumia 900 around that time, but now rumors are circling it might be delayed until mid-April. For pricing, we think $200 on contract sounds right because that is the price of the original Titan. That puts Titan II at the same price as iPhone 4S, but why would people want the Titan II instead? Start the slideshow to see how they compare. Tell us in the comments if you think anything can slow down the iPhone.  

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