HTC is mostly known for its smartphones and the Vive VR headset. The Taiwanese company has been rumored to release its own Android Wear smartwatch for some time now, and it looks like it’s becoming more of a reality thanks to a set of recently leaked photos.

HTC "Halfbreak HTC's smartwatch running Android Wear 5.1.1. Photo: 9To5Google

The leaked photos of HTC’s Android Wear smartwatch was published online on Weibo and originally reported by TechTastic (via 9To5Google). The device comes with a round display that’s similar to the Moto 360 Sport. One of the major differences here is that HTC’s smartwatch, dubbed as “Halfbreak,” doesn’t come with a “flat tire” design where the bottom part is flat.

The smartwatch also appears to have three physical buttons along the side. The silicon band appears to be non-removable and is sporting a matte black color outside and a red color on its underside.

HTC "Halfbreak The HTC and Under Armour logos on the backside of the Halfbreak smartwatch. Photo: 9To5Google

On the back, there’s the HTC logo as well as the branding of Under Armour, a company that produces sports accessories and clothing. The back also appears to have a heart rate monitor and a four-pin charging system. The two companies first partnered up back in January and launched the HealthBox fitness tracking system that's available to purchase now.

As for its software, there’s a photo showing that it is running Android Wear 5.1.1, the older and out of date operating system that’s based on Android Lollipop and not on the current Android Marshmallow. It remains unclear whether HTC intends to release Halfbreak with this software, or this is just a prototype model running the older software.

That being said, the set of photos doesn't include a date, as pointed out by Phone Arena. This could possibly be just a prototype that’s been ditched, and the final product may not look like this at all.

What’s most intriguing about this new leak is if HTC has the intention of releasing it. The company is currently struggling in the smartphone market and a release of an Android Wear smartwatch could help with the company’s finances, as pointed out by Engadget.

HTC "Halfbreak The HTC Halfbreak appears to have a non-removable silicon band. Photo: 9To5Google