Hugh Hefner has finally responded to ex-girlfriend Holly Madison's claims that she was mistreated while living in the Playboy Mansion. The 35-year-old former reality TV star recently penned a tell-all book, “Down the Rabbit Hole: Curious Adventures and Cautionary Tales of a Former Playboy Bunny," in which she shares several shocking allegations about life with the Playboy founder.

In a statement released to Us Weekly, Hefner notes that he has been involved with many women in his 89 years, many of whom have "moved on to live happy, healthy and productive lives." He went on to say that while most of these relationships were with "wonderful" ladies, some have used their involvement with him for personal gain, sharing stories from the past in an effort to get publicity. He did not directly address any of the claims made in Madison's book, however.

"Over the course of my life I've had more than my fair share of romantic relationships with wonderful women," Hefner said. "Many moved on to live happy, healthy and productive lives, and I'm pleased to say remain dear friends today. Sadly, there are a few who have chosen to rewrite history in an attempt to stay in the spotlight. I guess, as the old saying goes: You can't win 'em all!"

In “Down the Rabbit Hole," Madison relates numerous stories from her time in the Playboy Mansion. She discusses the first time she visited, during which she said she was offered drugs that Hefner called "thigh openers," but declined. Three weeks later she was living there full-time. Madison told readers she and the other women living in the famed mansion were being controlled by Hefner. She asserted that after a few years of living in his "twisted world," she was seriously considering suicide, recalling one instance in which she was lying in a bath one night and thought, "If I just put my head under water and take a deep breath in, it would all be over."

Since leaving Hefner behind, Madison has married and started a family. She and husband Pasquale Rotella wed in 2013. They have one child together, a 2-year-old daughter named Rainbow. Hefner also decided to settle down, marrying Crystal Harris on New Year's Eve in 2012. Harris is Hefner's third wife.

Madison has not responded since Hefner released his statement. Her book, “Down the Rabbit Hole: Curious Adventures and Cautionary Tales of a Former Playboy Bunny,” will be available for purchase Tuesday.