Hugh Jackman may have portrayed heroes and the X-Man mutant Wolverine in his movie projects, but the actor recently proved that he was also a super dad.

The Australian actor recently helped bring his son and daughter to safety when surf conditions in Australia’s Bondi Beach turned for the worse. The actor and his family were at the said Sydney beach on Saturday, when his 10-year old daughter Ava and 15-year old son Oscar where caught in a riptide, 9News reported.

Jackman spurred into action to first help daughter Ava. He was also assisted by swimmer Peter Adam, who grabbed Jackman’s daughter who was struggling to swim, toward the sand bar. Adams shared in an interview with 9News that that he grabbed onto Ava’s arm and also linked hands with Jackman so they could all reach the sand bar. “That's what you do with any family out there,” he added.

Former Rugby League player Daniel Conn shared that he also helped Jackman to pull the kids towards the safety of the sand bar. He stated that the actor was “under a bit of pressure” given that his two children were both caught in the riptide. However, Jackman maintained his cool during the emergency. “He was pretty cool, calm and collected, as Hugh always is I suppose,” Conn told 9News. He even described the “Wolverine” star as a little bit of a “superdad, superhero” and “super bloke.”

The lifeguards on duty also helped bring Jackman’s son Oscar to safety, as stated in the same report. Bondi Beach lifeguard Trent Falson stated that the actor thanked him “about three times” when they were heading toward the safety of the sand bar. Falson added that Jackman even complimented the lifeguards for doing an “amazing job.”

Meanwhile, the actor’s representative Michele Schweitzer told USA Today that the actor and his family were already recovering after the scary incident. "Hugh is completely fine as is his family. The incident looks far more dramatic than it actually was,” she stated.

Jackman and his family were on a holiday in Sydney. However, the family has already traveled to Melbourne after the trip.