Hulk Hogan returned to "Monday Night Raw" February, making his first appearance on WWE TV in over six years. While the former champ hasn’t wrestled since rejoining the company, he hasn’t ruled out having one more match.

Even though Hogan is back with WWE, the prevailing thought has been that his time competing in the squared circle is over. At 60 years old, he’s undergone a number of surgeries and it would be difficult for him to be cleared by WWE medical personnel. Despite concerns of his age and injury history, Hogan is looking to prove the doubters wrong.

“Brother, my goal is to perform in the ring again,” Hogan said on The Matthew Aaron Show. “It's not if, it's when. I've been training like crazy...the crazy thing is, my back doesn't hurt at all, my back's perfect. You know, I've finally got by back straightened out - now I'm really trying to get myself into shape because if you get in that WWE ring you gotta bring it like The Rock says. And last time I brought it they were begging me to take it back.”

When Hogan rejoined WWE at the beginning of 2014, there had been speculation that he might have a match at WrestleMania 30. Rowdy Roddy Piper had been pushing a tag team match with CM Punk and him against Hogan and John Cena. There had also been a thought that Hogan could possibly be involved in a match with Jack Swagger, because of his Real America gimmick.

Hogan didn’t have a match at WrestleMania 30, but was named the host of the PPV, starting the show with The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin. He’s appeared on “Raw” multiple times, and is scheduled to do so again on Monday.

WWE has become very cautious in recent years, and it seems unlikely that they would allow him to have another match. Still, Hogan wants to get in the ring one more time, and is reportedly targeting a match with Cena. If Hogan were to ever lace up his boots one more time, facing Cena at WrestleMania 31 might make the most sense. They are the biggest stars of their generations, and The Rock vs. Hogan at WrestleMania 18 is one of the most talked about matches in WWE history.

In the four years before his most recent return to WWE, Hogan was signed to TNA. Most of his time with the company was spent as the general manager of Impact Wrestling, but he did have a few matches in the early part of his tenure. His last match came at Bound for Glory 2011 against Sting.

Even if Hogan did return to the ring, it’s unlikely that he’d be able to use his patented leg drop. The finisher was the source of a lot of his back issues, and he has said that he regrets using it so often.

If Hogan is correct and his health is no longer an issue, his age alone might not stop WWE from letting him get back in the ring, at least for a segment on "Raw." In December 2012, 63-year-old Ric Flair had a brief impromptu match with CM Punk.