Anthony Weiner just can’t stay out of trouble. New Yorkers seemed to be giving the now-once-again-disgraced politician another chance, putting him ahead in the polls for the New York City mayoral race, but there’s no telling if the 48-year-old avid sexter will be able to bounce back from his latest scandal.

Gossip news site The Dirty posted explicit messages that were exchanged between Weiner, who was using the name Carlos Danger, and another woman who was not his wife, Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin. The other woman’s identity has not been revealed.

At a press conference in Brooklyn late Tuesday afternoon, Weiner said he is not quitting the race. He admitted that his behavior had been “problematic, to say the least,” but that it was in the past. He added, “I’m surprised more things haven’t come out sooner.”

Abedin, who stood smiling by his side, spoke for the first time at a press conference regarding her husband’s sexting, which he admitted continued after he resigned from Congress after being exposed.

Abedin began: “As many of you who have followed this campaign know, I’ve spent a good deal [of time] on the campaign trail. But this is the first time I’ve spoken at a press conference.”

She continued, “When we faced this two years ago it was the beginning in a time of a marriage that was very difficult and took us a long time to get through. … Our marriage has had ups and downs.”

“It took a lot of work and a lot of therapy to get to the place I am now,” Abedin said. “It was not an easy choice. But I made the decision to stay in this marriage. It was a choice I made for me, my son and our family.”

She finished with, “I love him, I have forgiven him and I believe him and as I have said from the beginning we are moving forward.”

Before stepping away from the conference, Weiner reiterated, “This is entirely behind me,” and that Abedin knew about all his indiscretions well before Tuesday.